Sorry - vegan wine? Isn’t all wine vegan?

When we first heard that some wines are vegan and others not - we were quite confused, and a little perplexed. “Isn’t wine just made from pressing and fermenting grapes and thereby vegan?”
You’d think so - but upon doing more research we learned that in order for wine to be clear and bright, wine needs to be filtered. The wine industry uses a range of various non-vegan and non-vegetarian products such as fish bladder, egg whites, gelatin or milk protein to filter wines. 

If having a cloudy wine doesn’t bother you - you can look out for an unfined/unfiltered label on a bottle to show that the wine was made without the use of fining agents. It may be a bit of a surprise when you pour the bottle and see how the wine looks in your glass, but it’s certainly a solution if you’re on the hunt for a vegan wine!

To make things easier, we’re proud to stand by the promise that none of our wines are filtered using animal by-products and are 100% vegan friendly. 

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