Our Story.

Drawing inspiration from London’s vibrant art scene, our wines provide sensory pleasure and decorative objects.

Have you ever noticed that wine makes everything better? We agree.

Life’s greatest moments are our most precious possessions. And wine is with us at every step of the way.

From the intimate moment of blowing out a candle, to the sounds of cheers from your loved ones, or just an everyday glance across the dinner table - we have crafted a wine to make these moments special. 

Our inspiration stems from Chateau Mouton Rothschild, one of the world’s most exclusive wines.

savōr offers limited edition wines that can be cherished in every big and small moment. A modern answer to Chateau Mouton Rothschild; we bring together globally emerging artists with the intricacy of wine to elevate and inspire life's special moments.

Meet savōr, a place where creativity meets craftsmanship.

We source unique and evocative art from both emerging and established artists to complement the profile of our carefully sourced wines.

Choosing a savōr wine means deciding to belong to a tribe whose intimate desire is to bring an artistic and joyful experience to their homes and dinner tables.

Art in every drop.

In this place where art meets craftsmanship, innovative creations come to life, ready to inspire the imagination. Our bottles honour the winemakers and the artist. They translate our most romantic stories or travel desires into a bottle of wine.

Sharing our latest collection: Rosé x The Hook.

A limited edition collection in partnership with The Hook London art gallery.

Harmonising visual arts and wine through shared appreciation of vibrant aesthetics. Art created by talented artists including Emily Harman, Emmy Swaffer and Holly Watson.

Their work embodies colourful canvases, careful construction, and funky self-expression.

Accompanying these works is our vegan rosé, a vibrant, crisp Grenache and Cinsault blend. A pale pink colour with punchy flavors of ripe red fruit and floral scents that mirror the vibrance of the chosen artwork. 

Available exclusively at Raye the Store, 312 Regent Street, London.